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Are you looking for a reliable Alternator Repair and Replacement service? Then look no further than Chichester Tyre and Brake Centre.

Every component of a vehicle is a part of the complex puzzle. The alternator is one of those essential pieces. It is an electricity generator that plays a primary role in the electrical systems of vehicles. Without an optimally functioning alternator, the electrical system within your car will not function properly. And a problem with your vehicle's electrical system can cause severe damage and lead to costly repairs and replacements.

The brushes, rotor, and other internal parts of the alternator are susceptible to wear and tear.

Are you experiencing alternator problems?

Then, head over to our facility at the earliest opportunity. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who provide the best Alternator Repair Chichester. Our garage facilitates state-of-the-art equipment and tools to provide quick and efficient Alternator Replacement Chichester.

Signs of A Malfunctioning Alternator

Here are some of the most common indications of a failing alternator:

Dim/Flickering Lights

When an alternator begins to fail, you may notice dim or overly bright headlights. It is a sign that the alternator is malfunctioning, and it cannot generate sufficient power to keep up with the car's electrical requirements. Visit our facility as soon as you notice this problem. Our technicians will examine your alternator thoroughly and detect the issue. If the damage is beyond repair, our experts will recommend alternator replacement.

Dead Battery

This is not technically an alternator problem. A car unable to start is a sign of error in the starting system. When the alternator fails, it cannot provide the vehicle with the required electrical energy. As a result, the battery takes up the slack rather than acting as a capacitor for the electrical system. Additionally, a bad alternator cannot provide any regenerative charge to the battery, causing the battery to drain.

Strange Noises

Unusual noises can indicate numerous car issues. However, if you hear weird sounds from your car and have any other malfunctioning alternator symptoms mentioned, it denotes alternator problems. Grinding and whining sounds are often the result of broken, worn-out or dirty bearing and voltage regulators. So, if you hear any strange noises in the car, visit us for efficient alternator checks and repair.

Foul Smells

Another sensory sign of a poor alternator system is an unusual odour from under your bonnet. Several different smells you may notice, but all are the cause of the alternator working too hard and is at the edge of overheating.

Difficulty Starting

Sometimes, when the alternator is not functioning optimally, you may notice that the vehicle is struggling to start or stalls frequently. It's because the alternator is not getting enough energy to start the car smoothly.

How Long Does an Alternator Last?

If you maintain your car alternator routinely, it can last 8-12 years without needing repairs. Regular servicing helps to keep your vehicle in good working order and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your alternator.

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