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At Chichester Tyre and Brake Service, we offer a wide variety of services. You can schedule your Interim or Full service online today!

Servicing your car at regular intervals keeps it in safe, reliable and optimum condition. Our experts follow the manufacturer's recommendation of the car servicing method to receive a superior performance from the vehicle.

Chichester Tyre and Brake Centre offers a vast range of affordable car service Chichester packages to suit your requirements. Our trained and experienced technicians perform Servicing Chichester using the parts that match the OE level quality.

How often should you service your car?

Modern vehicles come with a service indicator that tells you when your vehicle servicing is due. It typically considers the time and mileage since your last service.

You can also check the details of your service or Car Repair Chichester schedule in your vehicle handbook recommended by your car manufacturer. Many manufacturers recommend servicing your vehicle every 10,000 - 20,000 miles, depending on the make and model of your car.

You can choose from the packages below: -

  • Interim Car Service is recommended after driving 6,000 miles or every six months.
  • Full Car Service is recommended after driving 12,000 miles or after twelve months.
  • Major Car Service is recommended after driving 24,000 miles or after twenty-four months.

What does our vehicle service include?

Servicing involves a visual assessment of your car. Our technicians will look for any damage or faults in the vehicle's body and wheels. We will also manually check your brakes, gearbox, engine, etc., to ensure they are working as they should. During car Service Chichester, we will examine the following aspects: -
  • Car battery
  • Brakes and steering
  • Lights, tyres, exhausts and bodywork
  • Fluid and coolant levels
  • Suspension
  • Engine oil and oil filters, etc.

If we find out that damage to some vehicle components is beyond repair, we'll replace the worn-out parts with brand-new ones.

Benefits of Vehicle Servicing

Routine servicing ensures optimal performance from the car at all times. Listed below are some of the benefits of car Servicing Chichester:-

Longer Lifespan

Opting for car servicing or Car Repair Chichester at regular intervals keeps it in top-notch condition and increases the vehicle's lifespan.

Reduced Expenses

Routine checks help detect minor problems and fix them immediately. Saving you from costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Improved Performance

Regular maintenance of the vehicle keeps the essential components in check and prevents them from failing before the usual time. It also maximizes the overall fuel efficiency of the car.

Driving Safety

Defective components of the car can result in serious safety hazards. So, as soon as you spot any problem in the vehicle, book in with a reliable garage for efficient Car Repair Chichester.

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