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Continental Tyres

    Continental is a premium tyre manufacturing company that provides premium-quality tyres to millions of car owners worldwide. Continental continually strives to create new tyres that deliver improved performance without compromising your safety.

    Our facility stocks an extensive range of Cheap Continental tyres Chichester for our customers. You can Buy Continental tyres Chichester online from our website or drive down to our facility.

    Different types of Continental tyres Chichester

    Summer Tyres:

    PremiumContact™ 6

    • This tyre provides improved comfort and delivers excellent braking performance in areas above 7 Degrees Celsius.
    • The PremiumContact™ 6 is made with Macroblock technology and prevents hydroplaning risks by effectively dispersing water.

    Winter Tyres:

    WinterContact™ TS 870NEW

    • This tyre is for mid-size and compact vehicles looking for excellent control over snow and ice-covered roads.
    • This tyre delivers improved wet braking along with effective aquaplaning resistance.

    All-season Tyres:


    • This model offers superior performance all year long and saves you the expenses of changing tyres every season.
    • The AllSeasonContact™ offers outstanding driving efficiency and well as excellent braking performance.

    4x4/SUV Continental tyres Chichester

    Summer Tyres:

    SportContact™ 7NEW

    • The design of this tyre provides superior performance in both wet and dry road conditions.
    • This tyre is created with a special compound and a clever tread pattern to offer long-lasting performance in warm weather conditions.

    Winter Tyres:

    WinterContact™ TS 860 S

    • This tyre provides superior performance in areas with temperatures under 7 degrees Celsius.
    • The WinterContact™ TS 860 S offers superb handling performance on roads covered with water, silt and snow.

    Why Choose Us?

    You can select from a range of Continental tyres available at our facility. Our team aims to deliver the best customer experience and are always honest and transparent about our tyres or services. Our tyre experts can help you find the perfect set of Continental tyres for your vehicle.

    You can finally end your search for Cheap Continental tyres Chichester and contact our centre today.

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