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Are you looking for Brakes Service for your vehicle?


Brakes are among the most frequently used parts of a vehicle. They are susceptible to gradual damage and should be replaced in due time to ensure maximum safety. Any damage to the braking system can lead to serious safety concerns. Damaged brakes can cause the vehicle to lose control or cause a delay in your vehicle coming to a stop. Optimally functioning brakes decrease the risk of accidents and provide a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Chichester Tyre and Brake Centre provide a quality Brake Service for a variety of vehicles and models. Our technicians use advanced tools and technology to perform Brake pad replacement Chichester with extreme accuracy, ensuring the highest quality replacement.

Common Signs that you require Brake repair Chichester?

You should opt for our Brake pad replacement in Chichester if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Brake warning light

The brake light located on the dashboard lights up when there is an internal problem with the vehicle’s braking system. If you see your brake light, light up, bring your vehicle to us at the earliest opportunity.

Squeaking Noises

Do you hear a squeaking noise when applying brakes while driving? The squeaking sound indicates the poor condition of brake pads. You must opt for a brake pad replacement Chichester as soon as possible to avoid any mishaps.


Excessive vibrations from the brake pedal while applying them is also an obvious sign of damaged brakes. It is commonly the result of a faulty part in the braking system that should be replaced or fixed quickly to avoid costly future repairs.

Fluid Leak

A fluid leak can lead to a soft brake pedal. A fluid leak is a common symptom of a problem with the master cylinder. Visit us for Brake repair Chichester quickly to avoid any further internal damage.

Car going astray

Feeling a left or right pull while braking is also a clear sign of malfunctioning brakes. The issue might reside in the brake hose or calliper. A thorough analysis by our experts can locate the precise source of the problem.

Common Causes of Issues with Brakes Chichester:

Excess Pressure

Putting unnecessary pressure on brakes while driving your car can lead to overheated brake pads. Overheating makes brake pads stiff and susceptible to damage. Such a condition can result in the brake pads losing their grip on the rotor disk and cause a delay in braking.

Damaged Rotor Disks

The brake pads are placed against the rotor disk to stop a vehicle successfully when the brakes are applied. A faulty rotor disc cannot perform its function optimally, making it difficult to stop the car.

Frequently driving over dirt, mud and water

Driving over mud, dirt or water-covered road or uneven terrain can excessively lubricate the rotor disk and make it difficult to stop the vehicle.

Overloading your Vehicle

Driving your vehicle with excess weight can also impact the brakes. Excessive weight puts pressure on the braking system and makes it difficult to stop the car, and also causes damage to the suspension system.

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Chichester Tyre and Brake Centre is renowned for providing first class Brakes Servicing Chichester at the best rates. We always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and ensure your repairs are completed to the highest standards.

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