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For tyres there are many options for your vehicle. The size of the tyre installed on your wheels will impact multiple factors such as braking, handling and fuel efficiency. Getting the right tyre for your vehicle is important for optimal performance while driving. Even a slight mismatch in the tyres and wheels can create multiple problems while driving and compromise your safety.

All tyres have markings on their sidewalls to indicate the size of the tyre. We offer a wide range of premium, midrange and Cheap Tyres Chichester in most brands to accommodate all budgets and requirements. Please book online or contact our team today if you need assistance!

Tyre Size Chichester

Tyre dimensions are listed on the sidewall of all tyres, using an alphanumeric code. The markings refer to different aspects as well as features of a specific tyre.

Most of the Tyre size markings follow the same format, explained below:

For example: On a tyre with marking "205/55 R16 82H"

  • The first three numbers (205) indicate the width of a tyre in millimetres. The width is measured from sidewall to sidewall.
  • The following two digits after width (55) indicates the “aspect ratio” of the tyre. The aspect ratio means the percentage height of a tyre in respect to its width. A higher percentage of aspect ratio results in much taller sidewalls.
  • The letter “R” refers to radial construction.
  • The two-digit number following the construction (16) indicates the rim diameter of the tyre. It is expressed in inches.
  • The following two or three-digit number after the diameter indicates the load index of that tyre. Load index refers to the maximum weight that the specific tyre can support at a permissible speed limit. In the example above, the tyre can support weight up to 475kgs or 1047 pounds because it has a load index of 82.
  • The last letter indicates the speed index. In the example above, the tyre has an “H” speed index. This means that the tyre can withstand speeds up to 210 km/h or 130 mph.

Other Tyres Chichester Markings Include:

SSR: These markings indicate that the tyre is run-flat.

M+S: M+S refers to “mud and snow”. Any tyre with this mark can drive optimally through muddy and snowy roads.

DOT code: The DOT code tells information about when and where the specific tyre was manufactured. 40/2021: The last digits refer to the week and the year the tyre was manufactured.

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We provide a wide range of tyres that carry the relevant markings to ensure that our customers make an informed purchase. If you are still unclear about Cheap Tyres Chichester, our technicians can guide you towards the right set of tyres.

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