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Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help fuel efficiency, improve vehicle safety, and increase the lifespan of tyres. With so many different vehicle and tyre options, it can be confusing to identify the adequate tyre pressure for your vehicle. That's why car manufacturers mention their recommended tyre pressure suitable for your vehicle in the specification’s manual.

Chichester Tyre and Brake Centre offer Tyre Pressure Check Chichester for all vehicle makes and models. Unlike any other auto service, you don't require an appointment for this. So, if you are looking for Tyre Pressure Check in Chichester, we recommend you stop by our garage.

Why choose Tyre Pressure Check?

Problems related to Under-inflated Tyres - Tyres can get under-inflated if you don't pay proper attention to them. Under-inflated tyres adversely impair the handling and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Tyres will not have even contact with the ground, resulting in excessive wear and tear.

Problems related to Over-inflated Tyres - Over-inflated tyres can cause the tread and sidewall to become more rigid, leading to an uncomfortable ride with reduced traction. They also increase the risk of tyre-related accidents and tyre blowouts.

Adequate levels of tyre pressure are essential for optimum grip and precise steering. Visit our garage for Cheap Tyre Pressure Check Chichester.

Causes of Incorrect Tyre Pressure

Due to regular use, all vehicle tyres lose some air pressure (around 1-3 psi every month). Below-mentioned are some of the common reasons for air pressure loss: -

  • Damaged rims
  • Accidental tyre puncture
  • Faulty TPMS valve
  • Cracks in the tyre
  • Extreme cold weather

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